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A table listing some of the Astronomical Phenomena for June 2016:

Phenomena June

1Moon passes 2 degrees south of Uranus mag +5.9 (14 UT)
3Saturn mag 0.0 is at opposition 9.015 AU (approx. 1349 million kms or 838 million miles) from the Earth (7 UT)
3Moon passes 0.7 degrees south of Mercury mag 0.7, occultation is visible from southern Africa, Madagascar (9:47 UT)
3Moon is at perigee 361,138 km or 224,401 miles from Earth (10:48 UT)
5New Moon (3:00 UT)
5Mercury mag 0.5 is at greatest elongation west 24.2 degrees (9 UT)
6Venus is at superior conjunction (22 UT)
7Moon passes 11 degrees south of Pollux mag +1.1 (23 UT)
10Moon passes 2 degrees south of Regulus mag +1.4 (15 UT)
11Asteroid (8) Flora mag +9.4 is at opposition in Ophiuchus
11Moon passes 2 degrees south of Jupiter mag -2.0 (20 UT)
12First quarter Moon (8:10 UT)
14Neptune mag +7.9 is stationary in Aquarius, afterwards begins retrograde motion (3 UT)
14Moon passes 5 degrees north of Spica mag +1.0 (21 UT)
15Moon is at apogee 405,025 km or 251,671 miles from Earth (11:55 UT)
17Moon passes 7 degrees north of Mars mag -1.8 (10 UT)
18Moon passes 10 degrees north of Antares mag +1.0 (18 UT)
19Mercury mag -0.6 passes 4 degrees north of Aldebaran mag +0.9 (21 UT)
19Moon passes 3 degrees north of Saturn mag +0.0 (0 UT)
20Full Moon (11:03 UT)
20NH Summer Solstice, SH Winter Solstice (22:35 UT)
22Saturn's moon Iapetus is at greatest western elongation mag +10.1 (5 UT)
26Moon passes 1.2 degrees north of Neptune mag +7.9, occultation is visible from central and Northern Europe (0 UT)
27Last quarter Moon (18:19 UT)
28Moon passes 3 degrees south of Uranus mag +5.9 (22 UT)
30Mars mag -1.4 is stationary in Libra, afterwards resumes direct motion (8 UT)