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A table listing some of the Astronomical Phenomena for April 2013:

Phenomena April

1Asteroid (39) Laetitia mag 10.3 is at opposition in Virgo
2Mercury mag 0.2 is at aphelion distance 0.467 AU (approx. 69.9 million km or 43.4 million mi) from the Sun (2 UT)
2Asteroid (26) Proserpina mag 10.3 is at opposition in Virgo
3Last quarter Moon (4:37 UT)
7Moon passes 6 degrees north of Neptune mag 8.0 (1 UT)
8Moon passes 7 degrees north of Mercury mag 0.0 (10 UT)
10New Moon (9:36 UT)
10Asteroid (27) Euterpe mag 9.8 is at opposition in Virgo
14Moon passes 2 degrees south of Jupiter mag -2.0 (18 UT)
15Moon is at apogee 404,865 km (22:25 UT)
18Mars is in conjunction with the Sun (12 UT)
18First quarter Moon (12:31 UT)
19Mercury mag -0.3 passes 2 degrees south of Uranus mag 5.9 (21 UT)
21Moon passes 6 degrees south of Regulus mag 1.4 (5 UT)
22Lyrid meteor shower peaks ZHR = 20 (11 UT)
25Moon passes 0.004 degrees north of Spica mag 1.0, occultation is visible from Central and South America and South Africa (0 UT)
25Full Moon and partial lunar eclipse (19:58 UT)
26Moon passes 4 degrees south of Saturn mag 0.1 (2 UT)
27Moon is at perigee 362,265 km (20:51 UT)
28Saturn mag 0.1 is at opposition in Libra approx. 8.816 AU (1319 million km or 819.5 million miles) from Earth (8 UT)