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A table listing some of the Astronomical Phenomena for July 2019:

Day (UT)Time (UT)Event
219:24New moon. Total solar eclipse visible from southern Pacific Ocean, central Argentina.
422:11Earth at aphelion 1.017 AU (approx. 152.1 million kilometres or 94.5 million miles) from the Sun.
504:52Moon at perigee approx. 363,727 kilometres or 226,010 miles from the Earth.
602:43Moon 3.2 degrees north of Regulus (mag. +1.4).
707:01Mercury (mag. +1.8) at aphelion 0.467 AU (approx. 69.9 million kilometres or 43.4 million miles) from the Sun.
910:55First quarter moon.
917:08Saturn (mag. +0.1) at opposition 9.033 AU (approx. 1,351 million kilometres or 840 million miles) from the Earth.
918:10Moon 7.9 degrees north of Spica (mag. +1.0).
1215:03Ceres (mag. +8.0) 3 degrees south of Moon.
1307:17Moon 8.0 degrees north of Antares (mag. +1.0).
1319:43Jupiter (mag. -2.5) 2.3 degrees south of Moon.
1414:50Pluto (mag. +14.2) at opposition 32.822 AU (approx. 4,910 million kilometres or 3,051 million miles) from the Earth.
1607:15Saturn (mag. +0.1) 0.2 degrees north of Moon.
1621:39Full moon. Partial lunar eclipse.
1916:54Ceres (mag. +8.1) begins direct motion.
2022:00Mercury at inferior conjunction.
2023:51Moon at apogee approx. 405,478 kilometres or 251,952 miles from the Earth.
2107:45Neptune (mag. +7.8) 3.8 degrees north of Moon.
2501:19Last quarter moon.
2507:13Uranus (mag. +5.8) 4.8 degrees north of Moon.
2607:53Vesta (mag. +8.1) 2.5 degrees south of Moon.
2801:16Moon 2.3 degrees north of Aldebaran (mag. +0.9).