A table listing some of the Astronomical Phenomena for July 2017:

Phenomena July

1First quarter Moon (00:52 UT)
1Moon passes 3 degrees north of Jupiter mag -2.1 (8 UT)
2Moon passes 7 degrees north of Spica mag +1.0 (0 UT)
3Earth is at aphelion 1.017 AU (approx. 152.1 million km or 94.5 million miles) from the Sun (20:11 UT)
5Moon passes 10 degrees north of Antares mag +1.0 (22 UT)
6Moon is at apogee 405,932 km or 252,234 miles from Earth (4:18 UT)
7Moon passes 3 degrees north of Saturn mag +0.1 (3 UT)
9Full Moon (4:07 UT)
10Dwarf planet Pluto mag +14.2 is at opposition in Sagittarius at 32.347 AU (approx. 4839 million kms or 3007 million miles) from Earth (5 UT)
13Moon passes 0.9 degrees south of Neptune mag +7.9 (18 UT)
14Venus mag. -4.1 passes 3 degrees north of Aldebaran mag +0.9 (11 UT)
16Last quarter Moon (19:26 UT)
17Moon passes 4 degrees south of Uranus mag +5.8 (0 UT)
20Moon passes 0.4 degrees north of Aldebaran mag +0.9, occultation is visible from SW Asia (00:01 UT)
20Moon passes 3 degrees south of Venus mag -4.0 (11 UT)
21Moon is at perigee 361,236 km or 224,462 miles from Earth (17:05 UT)
23New Moon (9:46 UT)
25Moon passes 0.9 degrees north of Mercury mag +0.1, occultation is visible from UK, Greenland, Iceland (8:49 UT)
25Moon passes 0.1 degrees north of Regulus mag +1.4, occultation is visible from western Indonesia (10:37 UT)
27Mars is in conjunction with the Sun (1 UT)
28Moon passes 3 degrees north of Jupiter mag -1.9 (21 UT)
29Moon passes 7 degrees north of Spica mag +1.0 (8 UT)
29Southern Delta Aquarids meteor shower peaks ZHR = 16 (15 UT)
30Mercury mag +0.3 is at greatest elongation east 27.2 degrees (5 UT)
30First quarter Moon (15:24 UT)

Sky Highlights - July 2017

The Planets
This Month's Guide

Algol Minima
Algol eclipse dates and times for July

Meteor Shower
Southern Delta Aquariids (Aquarids) meteor shower peaks on July 29

Northern Hemisphere
West:- Mercury (mag. -0.5 to +0.3) (second half of month)
Southwest:- Jupiter (mag. -2.0)
South:- Saturn (mag. +0.2)
West:- Jupiter
South:- Saturn
East:- Neptune (mag. +7.8)
Southwest:- Saturn
South:- Neptune
Southeast:- Uranus (mag. +5.8)
East:- Venus (mag. -4.1)

Southern Hemisphere
West:- Mercury (second half of month)
Northwest:- Jupiter
East:- Saturn
West:- Jupiter
North:- Saturn
East:- Neptune
West:- Saturn
North:- Neptune
Northeast:- Venus, Uranus

Deep Sky

Small telescopes:-
Messier 13 - M13 - Great Hercules Globular Cluster
Messier 92 - M92 - Globular Cluster
Messier 11 - M11 - The Wild Duck Cluster (Open Cluster)
Messier 7 - M7 - The Ptolemy Cluster (Open Cluster)
Messier 6 - M6 - The Butterfly Cluster (Open Cluster)
Messier 4 - M4 - Globular Cluster
Messier 8 - M8 - Lagoon Nebula (Emission Nebula)
Messier 16 - M16 - Eagle Nebula (Emission Nebula with Open Cluster)
Messier 20 - M20 - Trifid Nebula (Emission and Reflection Nebula)

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