A table listing some of the Astronomical Phenomena for April 2017:

Phenomena April

1Moon passes 0.3 degrees north of Aldebaran mag +0.9, occultation is visible from Japan, Korea, South Asia (9:13 UT)
1Mercury mag -0.2 is at greatest elongation east 19.0 degrees (10 UT)
3First quarter Moon (18:40 UT)
4Moon passes 10 degrees south of Pollux mag +1.1 (14 UT)
6Saturn mag +0.4 is stationary in Sagittarius afterwards begins retrograde motion (4 UT)
7Moon passes 0.7 degrees south of Regulus mag +1.4, occultation is visible from South South America (4:56 UT)
7Jupiter mag -2.5 is at opposition in Virgo approx. 4.455 AU (667 million km or 414 million miles) from Earth (11 UT)
10Moon passes 2 degrees north of Jupiter mag -2.5 (21 UT)
11Full Moon (6:09 UT)
13Dwarf planet Haumea mag +17.3 is at opposition in Boötes distance 49.7 AU from the Earth (10 UT)
14Uranus is in conjunction with the Sun (11 UT)
15Moon passes 10 degrees north of Antares mag +1.0 (4 UT)
15Moon is at apogee 405,477 km or 251,952 miles from Earth (9:57 UT)
16Moon passes 3 degrees north of Saturn mag +0.4 (18 UT)
19Last quarter Moon (9:57 UT)
19Asteroid (12) Victoria mag +9.8 is at opposition in Virgo (17 UT)
19Mercury is at inferior conjunction (21 UT)
22Lyrids meteor shower peaks ZHR = 20 (5 UT)
22Moon passes 0.2 degrees south of Neptune mag +7.9, occultation is visible from Australia (19:50 UT)
23Moon passes 5 degrees south of Venus mag -4.8 (18 UT)
26New Moon (12:17 UT)
27Moon is at perigee 359,323 km or 223,273 miles from Earth (16:08 UT)
28Moon passes 6 degrees south of Mars mag +1.6 (8 UT)
28Moon passes 0.5 degrees north of Aldebaran mag +0.9, occultation is visible from East Europe, North Central Africa (17:42 UT)

Sky Highlights - April 2017

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