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A table listing some of the Astronomical Phenomena for October 2014:

Phenomena October

1First quarter Moon (19:33 UT)
4Mercury mag +0.6 is stationary in Virgo, afterwards begins retrograde motion (18 UT)
4Ceres mag. +9.0 passes 0.4 degrees north of Saturn mag +0.6 (22 UT)
5Moon passes 5 degrees north of Neptune mag +7.8 (21 UT)
6Moon is at perigee 362,478 km or 225,223 miles from Earth (9:46 UT)
7Uranus mag +5.7 is at opposition in Pisces approx. 19.014 AU (approx. 2844.5 million km or 1767.5 million miles) from the Earth (21 UT)
8Moon passes 1.2 degrees north of Uranus mag +5.7 (11 UT)
8Full Moon. Total Lunar Eclipse visible from North America, Pacific Ocean, Australia and east Asia (10:51 UT)
9Asteroid (37) Fides mag +9.8 is at opposition in Pisces
12Moon passes 1.4 degrees north of Aldebaran mag +0.9 (10 UT)
15Last quarter Moon (19:13 UT)
16Moon passes 12 degrees south of Pollux mag +1.1 (2 UT)
16Mercury is at inferior conjunction (21 UT)
18Moon passes 5.4 degrees south of Jupiter mag -2.0 (4 UT)
18Moon is at apogee 404,898 km or 251,592 miles from Earth (6:10 UT)
19Moon passes 5 degrees south of Regulus mag +1.4 (3 UT)
20Asteroid (88) Thisbe mag +10.4 is at opposition in Pisces
21 Orionids meteor shower peaks ZHR = 25 (can vary between 20 and 70)
22Moon passes 0.7 degrees south of Mercury mag +2.3 (22 UT)
23Moon passes 3 degrees north of Spica mag +1.0 (8 UT)
23New Moon. Partial Solar Eclipse visible from far eastern Russia and most of North America (21:57 UT)
25Venus is at superior conjunction (19 UT)
25Mercury mag +0.8 is stationary in Virgo, afterwards resumes direct motion (7 UT)
25Moon passes 1 degree north of Saturn mag +0.6, occultation is visible from northern Atlantic (16 UT)
25Mercury is at perihelion 0.307 AU (approx. 45.9 million kms or 28.5 million miles) from the Sun (21 UT)
26Moon passes 9 degrees north of Antares mag +1.0 (20 UT)
27Asteroid (28) Bellona mag +10.9 is at opposition in Cetus
28Moon passes 7 degrees north of Mars mag +0.9 (13 UT)
31First quarter Moon (2:49 UT)