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A table listing some of the Astronomical Phenomena for June 2017:

Phenomena June

1First quarter Moon (12:43 UT)
2Venus mag -4.5 passes 2 degrees south of Uranus mag +5.9 (15 UT)
3Venus mag -4.4 is at greatest elongation west 45.9 degrees (12 UT)
3Moon passes 2 degrees north of Jupiter mag -2.2 (23:59 UT)
4Moon passes 7 degrees north of Spica mag +1.0 (18 UT)
6Dwarf planet Ceres is in conjunction with the Sun (4 UT)
8Moon passes 10 degrees north of Antares mag +1.0 (16 UT)
8Moon is at apogee 406,401 km or 252,526 miles from Earth (22:05 UT)
9Full Moon (13:10 UT)
10Moon passes 3 degrees north of Saturn mag +0.1 (1 UT)
10Jupiter mag -2.2 is stationary in Virgo, afterwards resumes direct motion (5 UT)
12Venus is at aphelion 0.728 AU (approx. 109 million kms or 67.7 million miles) from the Sun (21 UT)
15Saturn mag 0.0 is at opposition 9.043 AU (approx. 1353 million kms or 841 million miles) from the Earth (10 UT)
16Moon passes 0.7 degrees south of Neptune mag +7.9 (13 UT)
16Neptune mag +7.9 is stationary in Aquarius, afterwards begins retrograde motion (18 UT)
17Last quarter Moon (11:33 UT)
19Mercury is at perihelion 0.307 AU (approx. 45.9 million kms or 28.5 million miles) from the Sun (13 UT)
19Moon passes 4 degrees south of Uranus mag +5.9 (21 UT)
20Moon passes 2 degrees south of Venus mag -4.2 (21 UT)
21NH Summer Solstice, SH Winter Solstice (4:25 UT)
21Mercury is at superior conjunction (14 UT)
23Moon is at perigee 357,937 km or 222,412 miles from Earth (1:14 UT)
24New Moon (2:31 UT)