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A table listing some of the Astronomical Phenomena for July 2018:

Day (UT)Time (UT)Event
101:48Mars (mag. -2.2) 4.8 degrees south of Moon.
400:21Neptune (mag. 7.9) 2.6 degrees north of Moon.
607:51Last quarter moon.
616:47Earth at aphelion 1.017 AU (approx. 152.1 million km or 94.54 million miles) from the Sun.
713:38Uranus (mag. 5.8) 5 degrees north of Moon.
920:11Venus (mag. -4.1) 1.1 degrees north of Regulus (mag. 1.4).
1009:55Moon 1.1 degrees north of Aldebaran (mag. 0.9).
1103:49Jupiter (mag. -2.2) stationary in Libra, afterwards begins direct motion.
1205:24Mercury (mag. 0.4) at greatest elongation 26.4 deg. east in the evening sky.
1210:05Pluto (mag. 14.2) at opposition 32.583 AU (approx. 4874.3 million kilometres or 3028.8 million miles) from the Earth.
1302:48New moon. Partial solar eclipse, visible from Southern Australia, Tasmania.
1308:18Moon at perigee approx. 357,431 kilometres or 222,097 miles from the Earth.
1422:04Mercury (mag. 0.5) 2.2 degrees south of Moon.
1516:38Moon 1.8 degrees north of Regulus (mag. 1.4).
1603:31Venus (mag. -4.2) 1.6 degrees south of Moon.
1909:12Moon 7.7 degrees north of Spica (mag. 1.0).
1919:53First quarter moon.
2009:59Mercury (mag. 0.9) at aphelion 0.467 AU (approx. 69.9 million kilometres or 43.4 million miles) from the Sun.
2023:57Jupiter (mag. -2.2) 4.4 degrees south of Moon.
2303:07Moon 9.1 degrees north of Antares (mag. 1.0).
2406:14Vesta (mag. 6.1) 2.7 degrees south of Moon.
2505:53Saturn (mag. 0.2) 2 degrees south of Moon.
2507:17Mercury (mag. 1.4) begins retrograde motion.
2702:30Mars (mag. -2.8) at opposition 0.386 AU (approx. 57.7 million kilometres or 35.9 million miles) from the Earth.
2705:28Moon at apogee approx. 406,222 kilometres or 252,415 miles from the Earth.
2720:21Full moon. Total lunar eclipse visible from Africa, Asia, South America, Europe and Australia.
2722:04Mars (mag. -2.8) 6.7 degrees south of Moon.
3105:32Neptune (mag. 7.8) 2.6 degrees north of Moon.