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A table listing some of the Astronomical Phenomena for April 2018:

Day (UT)Time (UT)Event
101:07Mercury is at inferior conjunction.
107:29Moon 7.3 degrees north of Spica (mag. +1.0).
211:58Mars (mag. +0.3) 1.3 degrees south of Saturn (mag. +0.5).
314:14Jupiter (mag. -2.4) 3.9 degrees south of Moon.
423:34Moon 9.3 degrees north of Antares (mag. +1.0).
620:18Vesta (mag. +6.9) 2.6 degrees north of Moon.
712:35Saturn (mag. +0.5) 1.9 degrees south of Moon.
718:16Mars (mag. +0.2) 3.1 degrees south of Moon.
805:31Moon at apogee approx. 404,144 kilometres or 251,123 miles from the Earth.
807:18Last quarter moon.
1222:44Neptune (mag. +8.0) 1.9 degrees north of Moon.
1403:55Mercury (mag. +1.9) begins direct motion.
1409:24Mercury (mag. +1.9) 3.9 degrees north of Moon.
1417:58Dwarf planet Haumea (mag. +17.3) is at opposition in Bo├Âtes distance 49.6 AU from the Earth.
1601:58New moon.
1610:37Saturn (mag. +0.4) at aphelion 10.066 AU (approx. 1,505.9 million kilometres or 935.69 million miles) from the Sun.
1719:27Venus (mag. -3.9) 5.4 degrees north of Moon.
1723:52Saturn (mag. +0.4) begins retrograde motion.
1819:14Uranus is at superior conjunction.
1905:11Moon 1.1 degrees north of Aldebaran.
2014:33Moon at perigee approx. 368,712 kilometres or 229,107 miles from the Earth.
2218:00Lyrids meteor shower peaks ZHR = 20.
2208:32Moon 8.2 degrees south of Pollux (mag. +1.1).
2220:01Pluto (mag. +14.3) begins retrograde motion.
2221:46First quarter moon.
2310:42Mercury (mag. +0.7) at aphelion 0.467 AU (approx. 69.9 million kilometres or 43.4 million miles) from the Sun.
2420:05Moon 1.2 degrees north of Regulus (mag. +1.4), occultation visible from
2600:14Pluto (mag. +14.3) 1.4 degrees north of Mars (mag. -0.3).
2808:35Ceres (mag. +8.3) at perihelion 2.558 AU (approx. 382.7 million kilometres or 237.8 million miles) from the Sun.
2815:31Moon 7.3 degrees north of Spica (mag. +1.0).
2918:17Mercury (mag. +0.4) at greatest elongation 27.0 degrees west in the morning sky.
3000:59Full moon.
3017:16Jupiter (mag. -2.5) 3.8 degrees south of Moon.