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If you look an hour or so before sunrise towards the southeastern (Northern Hemisphere) / eastern (Southern Hemisphere) horizon this month the planets Venus and Saturn are currently visible. Brilliant Venus is by far the brighter of the pair. It shines at magnitude -4.0 and is unmistakable, a dazzling beacon of light hovering above the horizon. Saturn at mag. +0.6 is 70x fainter than the much closer Venus but nevertheless easily found. Venus also acts as a useful guide in locating the more distant planet. Positioned 6 degrees further south is red supergiant Antares (α Sco - mag. +1.0).

A good time to look is on the morning of January 7th when the thin 10% illuminated waning crescent Moon forms a nice pairing with the two planets.

View towards the southeastern horizon one hour before sunrise on January 7th from mid Northern latitudes (credit:- Stellarium)

View towards the eastern horizon one hour before sunrise on January 7th from mid Southern latitudes (credit:- Stellarium)

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