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Jupiter is now past opposition but remains a stunning evening object in the constellation of Leo. After sunset the giant planet can be seen above the southeastern horizon (Northern Hemisphere) / northeastern horizon (Southern Hemisphere). It's not possible to miss Jupiter, with an apparent magnitude of -2.4 the planet is 2.5x brighter than Sirius and brighter than all other planets except for Venus. It dominates the surrounding region of sky.

On the evenings of April 17th and 18th a lovely pairing occurs when the waxing gibbous Moon passes just a few degrees south of the planet.

Moon and Jupiter 45 minutes after sunset from London, England on April 17, 2016 (credit - stellarium)

Jupiter during April 2016 (credit:- freestarcharts)

Jupiter during April 2016 - pdf format (credit:- freestarcharts)

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