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Current Moon Phase


Sky Highlights - March 2015

Bright Nova
Nova Sagittarii 2015 No. 2

Bright Comet
Comet Lovejoy (C/2014 Q2)
Cassiopeia, 6th magnitude.
Northern Hemisphere - Visible with binoculars and small telescopes, high in sky early evening.
Southern Hemisphere - Not visible.

The Planets
This Month's Guide
Northern Hemisphere
Early evening
West:- Venus (mag. -4.0), Mars (mag. +1.3) and Uranus (mag. +5.9 - first half of month)
East:- Jupiter (mag. -2.4)
West:- Venus and Mars
South:- Jupiter
South:- Jupiter
East:- Saturn (mag. +0.4)
West:- Jupiter
South:- Saturn

Southern Hemisphere
Early evening
West:- Venus and Mars
Northeast:- Jupiter
North:- Jupiter
Northwest:- Jupiter
East:- Saturn
Early morning
North:- Saturn
East:- Mercury (mag. 0.0 to -0.7)

Deep Sky
Naked Eye:-
Messier 45 – M45 - The Pleiades (Open Cluster)
The Hyades - Caldwell 41 - C41 - (Open Cluster)
Messier 44 - M44 - The Praesepe (Open Cluster)
Binoculars/small scopes:-
Messier 35 – M35 - Open Cluster
Messier 41 – M41 - Open Cluster
Medium size telescopes:-
Messier 1 - M1 - Crab Nebula (Supernova Remnant)
Messier 65 – M65 – Spiral Galaxy
Messier 66 - M66 - Intermediate Spiral Galaxy

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